No, there's no news on a new version yet. I just wanted to say thanks to someone who sent me a complimentary comment. I'm glad there's someone out there who is still playing this. Thank you!

The D&D and the boardgames world has changed quite a bit lately, hasn't it? I still haven't played 5th edition yet, although I'm interested. (Our current DM likes 3.5 and seems uninterested in changing). Also, we have been enjoying Descent, whenever we get a chance to play something. I have to admit I haven't played any of the D&D boardgames in some time.

Between the two kids our gaming lives have been pretty barren lately. But, we try to play something every few weeks. I've been told that once the kids grow up, it gets better. I can always hope. I would love to do a new set of rules with my sons some day. Heck, I'd love to play D&D with them (maybe 6th or 7th edition??)

Anyway, to anyone visiting this site: I hope you enjoy Castle Ravenloft Reversion, or even the little I've done with Wrath of Ashardalon. I had a lot of fun making these things and I'm glad to know that others enjoy them too.

Peace and blessings.
I received an email today pointing out a typo in my CRR Denizens file! I thought those had been scoured and cleaned of all typos by now.

But, actually, I'm not surprised. I'm sure there are several still in there. I'm far from perfect.

Even so: for anyone that was wondering. Klak, the Kobold Sorcerer has a Will of 15. I've edited the Denizens document and the Monster Cards to reflect this change.

Thank you Simon for pointing this out, and also for playing CRR!

Now for a small update on the status of WAR:

I'm currently writing Quests and thinking about how I want the story arc to go. I hope to have some interesting and memorable NPCs as well as a story that follows (more-or-less) the same story as told in the board game. (Of course, I hope my story will have more details and fun characters!)

I also have recruited Steve Pearson, whom I met through this website, to help me create a new treasure deck for WAR. Thanks Steve! What with having a job and a 1-year-old (and another on the way) I've decided that I could use some help getting this project done. Anyway, if anyone else wants to take on a task, I'd be glad to accept the help!
I've made a bit of progress towards getting this project finished, but I have to admit I am somewhat daunted. Perhaps I'm lacking the 'fire in my belly' that I had when I first made the Castle Ravenloft Reversion. Perhaps it's caring for a 1 year old that distracts me from working on non-employment projects. :-)

Anyway, my wife and I have playtested the game a bit and I thought maybe some of you would be interested in trying out the rules. Honestly, the dungeon works much like it did in CRR. The big change is the level range, so it will be interesting to see how the game works (or doesn't) when fighting higher-level monsters.

So, I've posted enough documents to run a few quests. I welcome all advice, suggestions or help. I probably would have stopped working on this project if it weren't for all the people with lovely compliments of CRR and well-wishing on my work on WAR.


Now - Try it out!
Once you look at these new cards, I think you'll agree that Phill Robbins has done a great job in converting all of the Castle Ravenloft Reversion cards into some professional-quality pieces that you'd be proud to play with! In the past few years various people have wanted to have something like this for the Reversion--well now here it is in full color! He added a bit of his own wit to my flavor text here and there, and I wholeheartedly approve.

Thanks Phill!

I've posted a few individual cards just so everyone can see how great they look. Otherwise, the entire set is available for download on the CRR page (or at the bottom of this post). I've also included a copy of them in the basic zip file so that anyone who downloads the entire game will get them.
File Size: 15265 kb
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Ted, on BGG has posted a fun account of a game session plus a few questions, which I repost here. I'm thrilled that people have found and enjoyed some of the little things I've put into the game. Thanks Ted!

From a post on

It's 1:58 AM and I just finished my second session of CRR with my girlfriend. If it were up to her (or rather, if I didn't have work in 8 hours) we'd be playing right now to find a Dark Fountain for her to pitch her Lucky Coin into (that's so _not_ an innuendo).

It was a fun time.

We ran Random Quest 7 (Repair the Sunsword). Before departing, my Revenant Human Warlock had to deal with a crazy cat lady in the graveyard. My GF giggled and giggled upon drawing the Cat Lady card, and the warlock tried his best to convince her that there were better places to admire kittens than at the cemetery, where the dead try and rest.

The second dungeon tile we flipped was the King's Crypt, and I checked my search roll...


...but about 8 card flips in we were booted by a Joker   . Nothing to show for a KING'S CRYPT TREASURE VAULT but 4 face cards of damage 

We slog through the dungeon, and are punished by trap after trap. My Winged Boots treasure card saves me from 2 pitfalls, and I find myself surprisingly glad to have them. But here a question occurred to me: I drew them during Story Quest 1, but should I have? They have Side Quest printed on them (I think). Should such treasure cards be set aside from the regular treasure deck until particular quests happen??

One other treasure related question (kinda nitpicky): We retrieve the sunsword, but neither of us are longsword proficient. We thought it would still be valid to use the uber-flashlight property of the sunsword though, and light 20 squares. Do you feel like this is a legit thing to do? Also, with the sunsword's light source ability, is it a free action to toggle between lighting modes?

The only other concern, which someone else voiced, I think, was about selling to the town merchant. My GF's drow sorceress has an intimidate of 11. The DC check to haggle (bilk?) with the merchant is 10, so I thought she would only fail on two rolls of 1. Our interpretation of the rules led us to sell a 100 GP painting for 300 GP before taking pity on the merchant and stopping there. Is there more to the selling process to this? Should the DC be getting incrementally more difficult? If so, we didn't play this way.

We had a great, great time with this Chris. Please tuck a paypal donate button somewhere on your site so I can buy you a drink.

And my response:

Wow Ted! Thanks for the great praise! You really inspire me to work on my Wrath revision, which I have plans to finish this Summer.

My wife also reads this thread (she knows I somehow miss updates, despite being subscribed) and she told me that your account of the game session make her want to play it again. I admit I feel that way too, but I think I should stay focused on WAR (Wrath of Ashardalon Reversion).

Even so, let me try to address your questions:

1) Yes, the Winged Boots should be kept separate as a reward for the Graveyard Side Quest. However, that said, I don't mind having a house rule that these treasures are also found in the deck. Honestly (as an examination of my rules show) I like a bit of randomness in the game--I think powerful items should be found now and then in the regular treasure deck.

2) I think your use of the Sunsword is perfectly legitimate. When playing with my rules, group consensus should serve as "Dungeon Master" and if the party thinks it's a fair use of the item then you should be able to do it. Perhaps I should write a paragraph in my next edition about the concept of group consensus as DM... I think it's a perfectly viable solution to rule questions. In regards to adjusting the light source, I think it should be similar to the Hooded Lantern--a Minor Action.

3) Concerning my Haggling rules: As others have pointed out, I left open too much opportunity to abuse the system. I think I'll change this in WAR and maybe in another edition of CRR someday. However, meanwhile, I don't mind letting it ride. While on one hand I left open too big of a opportunity for abuse, on the other hand I think there ought to be more opportunities in role playing where a player self-governs according to their morals--not to the rules of the game.

In other words, why should the limits of what is allowed by the rules be the only governor of player actions? Isn't role playing about making character choices that are based on ethics and the character's ideology? Further, isn't it likely that a heroic adventurer--capable of facing and defeating a force that would otherwise destroy a village--also be able to use her powers to abuse the very villagers that she is saving?

Of course the truth is that in my play-testing I never encountered a player interested in pushing my Haggling system to its limits, nor a player that had invested enough in one of the requisite skills to be able to do so. Even so, this is an aspect of the rules that I am reconsidering as I move forward.

Thanks for playing! I loved your account of your girlfriend role playing the "Crazy Cat Lady" in the Graveyard. I hope she finds the Dark Fountain.

Best regards,

I've created a page for Lords of Waterdeep. It was given to me as a gift back in December. Since then, my wife, family and I have enjoyed it many times. Please go take a look!

No, I don't have any plans on doing my own version of the rules. (Although some house rules may come to mind, and I may post them here). I just thought I'd make a little page in honor of one of my new favorite D&D board games.

Something was wrong with the website. I think it's fixed now. Sorry about that!

And... Yes, I am still working on Wrath of Ashardalon. In fact, I am making it my goal to get a completed (but perhaps not perfected) version up by summer time. Yes, you can hold me to this!

On a related note, I have been swamped with my job and my 1-year old son. But I know I will have time this summer to finish this project and, honestly, working this project is exactly the kind of distraction I need. So, there you have it: I will finish it this summer. :-)

UPDATED 3:40 PM -- I modified the web site a little bit. I always felt it was too dark. I hope the blog and everything is easier to read now.
I've received a few emails about the following light source question, so I think I'll just post my response here so that everyone can see it. I think it is something that I should clarify in the official rule book eventually. :-)

Also the question about the bartering system is a good one. If anyone has tested the limits of my bartering system and has discovered that it is broken (ie. too easy to abuse to amass large amounts of wealth) let me know.
Hello there!
First off, I just want to say how awesome the Castle of Ravenloft reversion is. Your reversion brought my Brother in Law back and myself back into D&D. 
We did have a couple of questions however.
1. For selling items you state it is a DC check of 10. I'm not sure if we missed something, but you get an additional 25% for each roll above 10 based on which skill you use right? I'm sure that we are missing something because if that was the case you could run into a scenario were you could sell an item for infinite value. (If your skill was already above 10 for example.) We were hoping you'd be able to clarify the rule for us. (We're also rusty with many 4E rules so we may be missing something simple.)
2. When exploring with no light source, are you still able to uncover tiles? We've been playing that when you reach the edge of a tile that's when you flip it over. (Sort of like the standard boardgame rules.) Is this how it was intended?
Hope these questions aren't too much of a pain for you. Once again, I want to say how grateful we are about this reversion. 
Thanks for the complements on the Reversion! I love answering questions because they make me think about (and re-think) my rules and try to rationalize them.

Regarding your questions: With your question about selling items, you have found an aspect of the rules that I included, even knowing that there was the possibility of selling an item for a very high amount. So, it isn't a mistake, although I admit that I haven't play tested that aspect significantly to see if in actual play it could be greatly abused. Here's my thinking:

First of all, the item values as shown on the item cards are only a fraction (I believe it's around a 1/4th, if I remember correctly) of what they Player's Handbook says they're worth. So a player who doesn't choose to engage in bartering is only getting a small percentage of what the item is actually worth.

Second, when a player does engage in bartering they are only allowed 2 failures before they must stop attempting to barter that turn. In other words, there is a chance that the player won't get very far with their bartering efforts before the rest of the game intrudes upon their village time and forces them into the dungeon again.

Third, even if a player has a skill of 10 or higher in Streetwise, Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate, they still will fail if they roll a 1 on a d20. Not a high chance of failure, but still a chance.

Finally, part of my rationale is that if a player who is level 1-5 (the level of this adventure) has devoted a significant amount of skill points into one of these skills, they should be rewarded with both the financial and role-playing opportunities present in bartering and (perhaps) getting inflated values from their sold items. I ask you: Why not let a level 3 character, who has a 10 or higher Bluff skill, cheat a village merchant out of some gold? :-) Also, don't forget, a player has the choice of not bartering beyond a reasonable level if they so choose.

And, regarding your question about the light source: Yes, if you have a candle or no light source (other than the ambient light from the high windows of the castle), then you reveal other tiles by moving to the edge of the tile you are currently on. I think I need to make this more clear in the book because you aren't the only one who has asked about it.

Please feel free to send more comments or questions. I'm glad you and your brother -in-law are enjoying the game!

Best regards,

I know it's been forever since I've posted any progress. I appreciate all the comments and emails that I get regarding the Reversion and what I've done with Castle Ravenloft and with Wrath of Ashardalon. Thanks!

I still have plans for finishing WAR (Wrath of Ashardalon Reversion). It's just slow progress at this point. Even so, I thought I'd share the town map that I made. You'll notice that there are locations such as a Smithy, Carpenters, Tailors, Farmlands, etc. This is because I am writing rules for having professions for your characters while they are in town. Players will be able to purchase a business and run it to gain profit and other materials and items that will be useful in their adventures.

Anyway, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I recently had to print out a whole new set of books and cards for myself, after giving away my personal version of the Reversion to a friend. While doing this I made some very minor typo corrections in the Rules book and the Denizens book (not worth re-printing if you have already printed them, IMO).

Also, while I was editing these documents (which I really don't want to do anymore, honest!, because I'd rather work on Wrath) I decided to add the simple graphics that I am using as the card backs and fronts for Wrath of Ashardalon. They aren't as slick as many of the submissions I have received for Castle Ravenloft, but they are slightly more attractive than the old card backs.
Anyway, if you're interested in these minor updates, they are posted on the Castle Ravenloft Reversion page. Otherwise, I really am focused on working on finishing Wrath of Ashardalon. I have a ton of good ideas (at least, I think they're good ideas!). Now I'm just compiling them all into something that is playable and workable.