Something was wrong with the website. I think it's fixed now. Sorry about that!

And... Yes, I am still working on Wrath of Ashardalon. In fact, I am making it my goal to get a completed (but perhaps not perfected) version up by summer time. Yes, you can hold me to this!

On a related note, I have been swamped with my job and my 1-year old son. But I know I will have time this summer to finish this project and, honestly, working this project is exactly the kind of distraction I need. So, there you have it: I will finish it this summer. :-)

UPDATED 3:40 PM -- I modified the web site a little bit. I always felt it was too dark. I hope the blog and everything is easier to read now.
4/20/2013 10:47:28 am

Thanks for getting this back up, Chris! Also digging the bright new design! Please keep up all the great work!


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