No, there's no news on a new version yet. I just wanted to say thanks to someone who sent me a complimentary comment. I'm glad there's someone out there who is still playing this. Thank you!

The D&D and the boardgames world has changed quite a bit lately, hasn't it? I still haven't played 5th edition yet, although I'm interested. (Our current DM likes 3.5 and seems uninterested in changing). Also, we have been enjoying Descent, whenever we get a chance to play something. I have to admit I haven't played any of the D&D boardgames in some time.

Between the two kids our gaming lives have been pretty barren lately. But, we try to play something every few weeks. I've been told that once the kids grow up, it gets better. I can always hope. I would love to do a new set of rules with my sons some day. Heck, I'd love to play D&D with them (maybe 6th or 7th edition??)

Anyway, to anyone visiting this site: I hope you enjoy Castle Ravenloft Reversion, or even the little I've done with Wrath of Ashardalon. I had a lot of fun making these things and I'm glad to know that others enjoy them too.

Peace and blessings.
Theodore Calafatidis
3/16/2016 12:19:07 pm

Thumbs up!
The work you have done is awesome. I justbought D&D Castle of Raveloft and i had the same thoughts on the game.
We cant wait to test your version!

Good Job ;0

3/20/2016 03:44:12 pm

Thanks, Theodore! Obviously, I haven't done much with my other projects. But even so, I'm proud of the work I did on Ravenloft. I hope you enjoy it.

5/16/2016 02:46:57 pm

Looks amazing. Hope you fine the time/impetus to do TLOD as I just won a set on eBay and am hoping to get myself and my kids into D&D over the next couple of years!

1/17/2017 02:27:10 pm

Wow!! I wish I'd found this a long time ago. Amazing stuff!!!

5/4/2018 12:28:33 pm

I love this game, while I had been playing Dungeons and Dragons Online for around a decade and Video games and Game books for about 3 (decades), I had only a week of D&D 5.0 experience and ran one of the adventures of the Ashardalon board game.

Suffice to say that seeing this motivated me. I bought Ravenloft (which I already wanted), bought the manual, read the manual, read the new and old Rules, made the prints and cut them and I was off ...

It took me weeks (work can eat up your personal time), but it was worth it. I absolutely love your version and can say this is what I hoped playing D&D could be like. I love the 5.0 sessions with my pals, but this is closer to what I had in mind for D&D since I am rather shy on the Roleplaying aspects

I would really like to see if I can add a little cosmetic touches to your Ashardalon document so it more closely resembles Ravenloft. That way by the time the adventure is up, I'll basically have everything ready and seamless.

Thank you so much for doing this incredible work, it is very inspiring. Too many ideas open up (update to 5e rules, including more adventures, etc) ... For now, all I can say is Castle Ravenloft is one creepy place :)


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