I've made a bit of progress towards getting this project finished, but I have to admit I am somewhat daunted. Perhaps I'm lacking the 'fire in my belly' that I had when I first made the Castle Ravenloft Reversion. Perhaps it's caring for a 1 year old that distracts me from working on non-employment projects. :-)

Anyway, my wife and I have playtested the game a bit and I thought maybe some of you would be interested in trying out the rules. Honestly, the dungeon works much like it did in CRR. The big change is the level range, so it will be interesting to see how the game works (or doesn't) when fighting higher-level monsters.

So, I've posted enough documents to run a few quests. I welcome all advice, suggestions or help. I probably would have stopped working on this project if it weren't for all the people with lovely compliments of CRR and well-wishing on my work on WAR.


Now - Try it out!
Steven of Peoria
8/27/2013 01:21:13 pm

Wow this looks great! I really hope that you finish it.

I like these board games quite a bit but they always lacked something deeper...I always wanted more story, more details, more involved quests and some NPC's so this project look great and right up my alley.

I am going to give this Beta a shot as soon as I get a little time, hopefully this week.

I have WAR and Drizzt but I don't have Ravenloft as I am not a big fan of that setting but now I might have to pick it up so I can play your reversion.

8/27/2013 01:31:01 pm

My Ravenloft reversion is much more fleshed out than Wrath. The Wrath really only functions as a beta to test out the combat in the dungeon. Part of what I wanted to play test was how combat works at higher levels (6th and up).

Either way, I welcome all comments.

Thanks for checking it out!

Steve of Peoria
8/27/2013 02:38:51 pm

That's ok, I like these games and play them on and off but have always wanted to find some things to spice them up. I even thought about some ideas myself but alas I have 3 children under 3 so I don't have the time!

If I run through your beta combat I'll shoot you some feedback here.

Man your gonna force me to buy Raventloft aren't you!!! It's pretty cheap on amazon prime right now:)

Steven of Peoria
9/3/2013 04:26:58 pm

Just got cards printed and cut and started trying this out.

Question regarding line of sight\vision;

When the active player uses a light source (let's say a sunrod), do they only reveal one tile? If so, which direction do we assume they are facing? Reason I ask is a sunrod has a range of 10 squares so from the starting tile any character there can place potentially 5 or 6 tiles if he had line of sight. Is that what you intended?

It makes sense to do that but I wonder about game balance doing that. If your assumption was only 1 tile per character per turn, is it player choice which direction the character is facing\looking?

9/4/2013 08:35:06 am

I assume that all light sources illuminate in all directions around the player. If the light travels past the edge of the tile, then another tile is revealed. This continues until the light hits a wall or obstacle. So, on a players turn there can be many tiles revealed if they have a strong light source.

This is a deliberate gameplay mechanic that I like because it forces the players to make a choice as to what kind of light to carry. A bright light will help them find their goal faster, but at the consequence of alerting a lot of monsters at the same time. On the other hand, a dim light (or no light) will allow them to stealthily sneak through the dungeon, perhaps alerting less monsters but taking longer to find their goal.

Steven of Peoria
9/7/2013 02:57:23 pm

I like this lighting tactic, I chose to use mostly a half shuttered Lantern so as not to draw too many tiles at once.

Quick session report;

I played through the first story quest "A day in the life of a hero" and had a lot of fun with it. I ended up drawing a Human cultist who called in reinforcements who then called in their own reinforcements. It was a decent fight but I was able to win somewhat easily. I posted a couple of pics below.

I really like what you have done with this, it makes it feel much more like real D&D. I especially like how you listed the tactics for each turn for the monsters as well. When your playing without a DM that is very helpful.

I can see some wanting to play fast not liking this though since due to more HP's\Powers etc it definitely takes quite a bit longer. I played this first quest in about 3 hours.

It's just perfect for a solo dungeon crawl D&D fix though when you don't have a DM. I have a regular group that plays once every other week and since I have 3 small children don't really have time to play with a group more than that so these games are great for that and this reversion really makes it feel like D&D.

As far as balance I cant really tell yet as I used Vistra, Tarak and Quinn that you provided and only ended up fighting 3 Cultists and a few minions and then Meerak and never really struggled too much. If I would have drawn some tougher opponents or traps I'm guessing it would have been much harder. Quinn did go down once due to a trap but then he saved and was able to take a short rest and heal up.

I am going to give the second story quest a go and will report back on how that went.

Here are some questions and comments I wrote down while playing;

1) The characters you provided had the bottom of their sheets cutoff in the pdf (Not a real big deal though).
2) Some of the characters I felt had odd choices for weapons. You selected a dagger and a mace for Tarak when if you would have stuck with the crossbow and a short sword + 2 I think his bonuses and possibly damage would have been higher. Short sword proficiency bonus is +3 where a mace is +2. Plus, I like my characters to match the minis:).
3) I see that the instructions says if you draw a named tile to use the "room book" but I don't see a room book provided?
4) When using the door tokens how are you handling those traps? What I did was just have whoever was standing next to the door trap roll a save and if they saved they took no damage if not then I changed it from 1 damage to rolling a 1d10.
5) I found a treasure that was a piece of paper with 6 numbers on it but had no idea what to do with it...?
6) I received a lava flow trap and it said referrer to the denizens book but I could not find it there.
7) The map you provided was very cool but I was not sure how to use it or how it related to the game itself.
8) Will the final version work the same way with a list of quests and you just pick one and then head to the dungeons or is there more to it? I have not played your CR reversion yet but I plan to. I know this is only a partial beta so I am curious how the events\quests play out in the full version as far as building immersion and story.
9) What are the Item cards used for?

Anyway, that's it for now. I think you have done some great work and these changes make the game ALOT more fun so I really hope that you can find time to finish it!




9/8/2013 08:32:31 am

I'm glad you tried out WAR. Thanks for typing up your thoughts too! I'll try to respond to all your questions.

1) & 2) I used DnDInsider.com (I'm a subscriber) and their char-gen tools to make the pre-gens. Honestly, my wife and I only tried out a couple of the characters and we also discovered some strange choices. That's what I get for trusting their software to generate appropriate characters. Anyway, I can easily load them back up and tweak some of the choices. However, that's not a high priority for me right now, since I have so much other stuff to finish with WAR.

One strange quirk of the DnDInsider tools is that when generating print-outs (and PDFs) on my Mac, it cuts off just a small part of the bottom of the char sheets. It's annoying, really, but I haven't been able to find a work around. When I use my wife's PC it will make appropriate print-outs, but her PC doesn't make PDFs without extra software (which she doesn't have).

3) CRR used a Room Book. Because Wrath has so few 'named' tiles, I'm thinking of skipping the Room Book and going with a Chamber Book. Anyway, that's something I still need to work on.

4) Yes, I need a system for Door Traps.

5) That's a lottery ticket. (:-) Honestly, most of the treasure cards are repeats from CRR and I put some silly ones in. I need to make an entire set of treasure cards that are specifically for WAR (Including new silly ones).

6) Yes, I need to finish the Traps.

7) I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to craft a new above-ground system for WAR and I haven't been satisfied with it. Again, check out CRR to see what I mean. I wanted to have a larger play area on the world map than I did for CRR, which was just a village. Anyway the idea is that players will obtain quests, engage in role-play and take care of other business above ground. Then when they enter the dungeon, they leave the world map and make a dungeon stack. I have rough ideas for rules for owning business and managing above-ground quests, but I need to finish them still.

8) So, the idea is that on the world map there will be a story quest card in a particular location (face up), as well as other event cards in other locations (face down). As players move about on the world map they can choose to immediately take on the subsequent story quest or they can explore, or they can outfit their characters, or they can manage a business (for gameplay perks and gold), or... The players will have a quest tracking sheet so they can see what they've done so far and know what story quest will be coming next.

9) The item cards are to be drawn when a treasure card says "Draw an item card". I need to create an item deck that is WAR focused--this item deck is the CRR deck and needs to be overhauled for 6th level characters and have WAR-themed items.


So, I have to admit, I need a bit of help. Would you be interested in helping me with anything? Here's what I see that needs to be done (in order of simplest to more complicated)

1) Make a new treasure deck
2) Make a new item deck
3) Finish the event deck (you'll see that there are some generic cards that could use some flavor).
4) Write up trap text for traps that I haven't finished. (Lava flow, Rolling Boulder; I should also fix the naming inconsistencies: Rockslide vs. Cave In, etc.)
5) Write up the rest of the story/random quests (using the ones given as part of the board game as a guide, but you'll need to add bits to make it compliant with the Reversion)
6) Fix the Pre-gens (if you told me what changes to make, I could make them in D&D Insider and then re-print them).
7) Create an World Event Deck for above-ground events.

Things I also need to get done, but maybe I should just do myself:

8) Finish above-ground rules

Anyway, I have come upon the realization that I can't do all of this myself any longer. So, I'd welcome any help that anyone would like to give. If you send me an email, I'd gladly send you the source file in question and you're welcome to work with that directly. Or, if you'd rather just type up the text for something and send it to me (as a .doc or .txt) I can format it for the PDF.

It's people like you that really motivate me to finish it! I really want to finish, but I find real-life creeps in on my time.

Thanks for playing, and let me know if you'd like to help and be a part of the WAR project.

Steven of Peoria
9/10/2013 03:00:34 pm

I'll shoot you an email.


Steven of Peoria
9/7/2013 03:03:37 pm

Oh well guess I don't know how to embed photos here, feel free to delete that last post. It would be cool to post session photos here is that possible?


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